$USDT briefly loses peg. Celsius Network reportedly removes $500M from Anchor. Do Kwon publishes a ‘Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan’.
UST depegged after US$285M sell-off but quickly regains peg. Uniswap reports more liquidity on some $ETH pairs than centralised exchanges. Cronos…
Terra’s UST has become the third-largest stablecoin. Bastion Protocol closes a US$9 million Series A funding round. Orbit Network incubates under Cronos…
Uniswap launches Uniswap Labs Ventures to invest in Web3 projects. Anchor Protocol to expand to Polkadot’s Acala network. VVS finance announces its next…
Market manipulation? $USDN loses dollar peg. Yearn advocates for ERC-4626 tokenised vault standard. Price & volume indices tumble, volatility rises.
Stablecoin liquidity pool introduced by Terraform Lab. New $100M liquidity fund on $ADA by Wave Financial. Single Finance’s Cronos dApp goes live.
Terra’s $UST now exchangeable for $BTC thanks to integration by Thorchain. Cronos Ecosystem Grant Program revealed batch 2 of grantees.
MetaMask offers its own token, plans to create a DAO. Aave v3 launches on multiple blockchains.
Fantom Foundation addresses Andre Cronje’s departure in official statement. Risk-to-Earn is coming to Cronos with MM Finance.
FTM tokens tumble as founders surprise-quit. Osmosis launches superfluid staking.
Yearn Finance launches layer-2 on Arbitrum. Terra raises $1B emergency reserve for black swan events. Ukraine conflict see volume & volatility soar.
Chainlink announces v2 that will reduce transaction fees by 60%. VVS Finance announces a dual rewards farm with Tectonic Finance on the Cronos Chain.