Price index is down, volume & volatility indices are up. Vitalik Buterin proposes EIP-4488
Price, volume, volatility indices all down. Aave Arc’s market was introduced, aiming for institutional participation in DeFi.
Price, volume, volatility indices all up. UMA Protocol (UMA) outperforms the market and launches ‘Across Protocol’, an L2 to L1 bridge.
Volatility index down, price & volume indices up. MakerDAO integrates with Aave to launch D3M module against volatile assets.
Indices: Price down, volatility & volume up. ETH hits ATH, gets surpassed by SHIB in trading volume.
Price index up, volatility & volume indices down. TVL of all DeFi platforms breaks the $100B mark.
Price, volatility, volume indices up. $DOT rallies 30% as Polkadot sets Parachain auctions on 11 Nov.
Price index up, volatility, volume indices down. Yearn goes multichain and launches on Fantom Network.
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