Terra is investing $139M to enhance use cases for TerraUSD. Aave launches institutional product Aave Arc.
Total TVL across for DeFi rose over 1,200% in 2021. OpenDAO’s $SOS token has crashed 64% since Christmas Day.
Top 100 DeFi token market caps climbed by 1.9%. Green light for $UNI v3 contract on Polygon, $USDC launched on AVAX.
All DEXes decreased in TVL and market cap. SushiSwap CTO resigns over internal feuds.
Price & volume indices dive, volume up. TVLs & market caps of all DEXes drop, miracle recovery of 602% by PancakeSwap.
Price index is down, volume & volatility indices are up. Vitalik Buterin proposes EIP-4488
Price, volume, volatility indices all down. Aave Arc’s market was introduced, aiming for institutional participation in DeFi.
Price, volume, volatility indices all up. UMA Protocol (UMA) outperforms the market and launches ‘Across Protocol’, an L2 to L1 bridge.
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